Retirement Career Transitions

If you are lucky enough to be among the baby boom generation, you are no doubt thinking about retirement. As a ’50-something’ myself, I certainly think about it. What does it mean? For "boomers," it seems to be taking on a whole new meaning. We’re the generation that has reinvented everything about our lives, and retirement is no exception. The word "retirement" certainly doesn’t represent what we see ourselves doing in our more relaxed years. I say "more relaxed" although most of us will strive to be active and continue working in some capacity. The reason for this is that work is our identity, unlike previous generations that lived for their time off, work is who we are and an expression of what we were meant to do in life.

I don’t mean to make it sound like this mindset is exclusive to baby boomers, as many 40′s, 30′s and even 20′s are more focused on finding meaningful work today. It is inspiring to see how so many young people are committed to finding a career that expresses their desire to give back to the world through work.

So, what kinds of careers are retirees transitioning to? Many are doing what they retired from doing but on a part time basis. For others, changing to something new reflects the process of reinventing themselves that is inherent in this major life transition. It is usually something that is viewed as more fun or meaningful. One of my clients who was downsized as a VP started up an online silk screening internet business. Another traded in law enforcement for a job in a quilting shop. There are many more interesting examples, but I would love to hear yours, so please post your experiences. By sharing your career breakthroughs, we can all become enlightened and celebrate the myriad of possibilities and the mindset that anything is possible if we BELIEVE in our ability to make it happen.

One of my colleagues has focused her practice in the area of retirement careers. Her blog which is consistently #1 on Google provides a great perspective of the diversity of career choices. I highly recommend you visit her blog and her website to read many first hand experiences of those who have made major shifts in their careers and their lives during the "golden years."  The blog is found at:

Next time, I’ll take you to another key life transition period, entry-level careers for students entering the work force for the first time.

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