It’s okay to take a vacation from your job search


Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.

Well here we are in the deep summer doldrums and I confess I’ve been remiss in writing. I spoke with a client today who mentioned the quote above to justify her lack of progress in her job search. Having just returned from a week’s vacation at the Jersey Shore, I could see her point. The first week back, I found myself a little slow in regaining my energetic pace, but I did notice that I had more creative ideas. What that tells me is that it is okay and even beneficial to cut back on the fast pace of work, whether it is your job or a job search campaign. Everyone needs a vacation and the job seeker is no exception. In fact, taking a complete break from your job search, including thinking about it and not worrying about it, can help you get into a breakthrough state where creativity will emerge. You will also communicate with more enthusiasm and confidence when you return to your job search.

Are you feeling burned out with your job search? It’s easy to do. Job searching can be emotionally exhausting. So, if you have not had a vacation this summer, I am giving you permission to take a break from your job search. Be sure you make it a true vacation, however, from an emotional standpoint. Allow yourself to enjoy a week of fun and relaxation knowing that you will return from your break renewed and rejuvenated, increasing your chances for success!

Happy Summer – and please feel free to share your summer break experiences and how your job search is going.


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