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Wow, there are some great resources out there to help job seekers of all ages find a job! With all the online career marketing technology available, including websites, blogs, podcasts, etc., there has never been more free resources out there to help you write your resume and conduct a successful job search campaign.

One of the best is found on Career Hub a blog written by some of the top professionals in the careers industry and members of the Career Masters Institute, CMI ( You’ll find on the Career Hub blog a free downloadable e-book called "The Insider’s Guide to Resume Writing." At the same site, they also make available an ebook called "The Insider’s Guide to Job Search." I highly recommend these resources. These are the experts. Believe me, I’ve been in the careers industry for 16 years now and I’ve been a member of CMI for most of those years. This professional association recently combined forces with the Kennedy organization, the recruiting experts. The CMI members are the authors of the top books on resume writing on the market today; these are the trend setters, the most highly credentialed and polished professionals in the field. So you are getting the best by reading their website and downloading their free materials. The blog site to download the free e-book on resume writing is:

The blog also lists Weddle’s 2007 Top Career Sites that include many of the more commonly known job boards such as and careerbuilder; however, there are lots of other sites listed as well. It makes sense to check out the less popular sites where there is less competition due to less traffic. One site in particular that my clients have reported good success using is is a consolidator site which means it searches hundreds of job sites simultaneously, saving you from having to go to each site individually.  Check it out and let us know how it works for you. Better yet, get a career coach and implement a proactive job search campaign where responding to online ads is only 30% of your time and the other 70% is spent implementing a referral campaign. I’ll speak to that next time.

In the meantime, I’d love to read your comments and especially your successes in using the resources discussed here, so please share with us.

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