Sep 12

ResumeI love this picture, it so reflects the feeling of fall – vacation’s over, back to school, time to get busy and GET THINGS DONE!  If you are job searching, you know you need to get really busy in your job search because things are cranking up again after the lull of summer vacations.  And you should know that you only have a couple of good months before the holiday lull sets in around mid November. So if you haven’t updated your resume in awhile or if it really isn’t working as well as you would like, maybe it’s time to update it or have it evaluated by a professional. Peter Newfield, a top resume writer, has a checklist on his newsletter Job Seekers Secrets that offers some good advice.  Other things to consider include the following:

  • Does the resume have a clear theme – a profile at the top with a header reflecting your intended job focus so as to position you for the type of job you are looking for?
  • Does it contain key words that match with the types of positions you are applying to online?
  • Is it easy to read – font at least 10 pt. Arial with sections that break up text into paragraphs of no more than 3-4 lines?
  • Do you include position descriptions that reflect the SCOPE of your responsibility, i.e. revenue accountability, number of people supervised, size of the company, etc.?
  • Do you include accomplishments that are specific and measurable with quantitative or qualitative data?
  • Are your special skills highlighted, computer or technology skills, certifications, special projects?
  • Does the resume show your history, i.e. why you moved from one company to another or to various positions within the company?  For example you should mention that you were "recruited based on industry reputation" or "promoted based on demonstrated leadership to launch new product or division."

These tips reflect the basics that make up a good resume.  So take some time to do it right. It’s like insurance, you shouldn’t be without it in our volatile world.