Jan 18

Ever had a breakthrough day? A day where inspiration is the theme and new ideas are springing up faster than you can write them down? I had such a day last weekend and it followed a coach training session where I was assigned an exercise of letting go of all preconceived ideas and engaging in free form thinking. Nothing particularly insightful emerged at the time of the exercise, but two days later the dam broke and creativity poured forth. I had some truly “outside the box” ideas for my business, as well as some other issues in my life that I was working on.

Breakthrough thinking is the cornerstone of my coaching practice and coaching is a great vehicle to elicit breakthroughs. Particularly as it relates to finding a new career or taking your career to a higher level, being open to new possibilities is key to finding the way.

Are you experiencing the desire to find something more joyful, fulfilling or meaningful to do with your life? Have you surfed online looking at new jobs and fantasized about stepping into a new career, or perhaps starting your own business, only to fall back to the same old rut out of fear or financial dependency?

I would like to invite any of you who are reading this blog who have made a successful career transition to write in and share with all of us what your experience was like. How did you discover your new career choice, and how did you make the transition happen? It’s not an easy thing to do and I commend those of you who have done it successfully. Your insights and experiences can help others who are out there “on the fence” and give them the courage to “go for it.”

In upcoming posts, I’ll share with you some examples of successful transitions that I have had the honor or coaching. Many are not what you would expect, and it goes to show you that it is not WHAT it is as much as HOW you make it happen.

Stay tuned …..

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