Beating the February Blues – Staying focused during a job search

Well, here it is February, almost mid February. Boy time sure does fly. How are those New Year’s resolutions coming? Is the depression starting to set in now that the initial "high" of starting fresh full of hope has yielded to the reality of being right where you started?

Don’t let it!  We all know that attitude or mindset has a direct influence on our productivity. It is hard sometimes, but to stay positive we have to FOCUS on the things we are doing right. Take time out at the end of the workday or right before you go to bed to ask yourself what you did well that day. Then congratulate yourself, reward yourself, and use that excitement and enthusiasm to set your goals for the next day. Little baby steps propel us forward and result in progress, not giant leaps. Sometimes we are so focused on looking for a big change that we miss the minor progression.

If you are job searching this is critical. It is the toughest job out there, looking for a job. Your self esteem gets a real workout. So, write down all the things you do each day and give yourself credit for your efforts, even if they don’t directly result in a positive outcome. Stay focused and positive, and take action, the results will come.

A good exercise that can help with this is to write a fictitious accounting of the positive outcome you are expecting. Take 4 or 5 jobs you would love to have and imagine how they could materialize, then write the fictitious scenario with all the detail of how the opportunity "fell into your lap." Here’s a sample scenario that actually came true for a client!

Dream Job as a Consultant:

"I’ve always thought how much I would love to work for a Big Five consulting firm. The world of consulting seems like a perfect match with my personality as I love variety, working with people, helping them find new solutions to problems, traveling to a different site each week, being respected for my advice and expertise.

So I identified someone I know through my local alumni club that works at one of the firms I would like to explore. I had been involved with the club recently and during one of our encounters, I asked him if he knew of any opportunities that might be available for me at the firm. He says he will speak with his supervisor about me and next thing I know, he sends me an email saying his supervisor is going to contact me to speak with me about a potential opportunity.  I am ecstatic, I get the interview and land the job!  It is my dream job and I am happier than I have ever been in my life!"

The funny thing about this exercise is that the person who wrote the fictitious scenario actually had it happen to her. She received an email out of the blue from the contact at the firm saying he had seen her email signature and that their firm needed help with a special project that he thought she would be qualified to do. It turned out to be a contract position, not a full time position, but none-the-less it showed the power of fantasy in attracting things to us. And after the client completes the contract job, she is going to try and leverage her experience into a full time opportunity.

This is a good example of "The Law of Attraction," that what you think about, get excited about, show feeling for, is what you attract. So try it, write some fictitious scenarios of how your dream job could simply land in your lap and see what happens.

Most importantly, please share your experiences with us on this blog so we can celebrate with you and to prove to others that it works!

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